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Chawton CE Primary School

Chawton CE Primary School

Love, Courage and Fellowship

Transport to School

Although out of the town and set in idyllic countryside, Chawton is easy to get to and just off the A31/A32 roundabout.

For drop off and pick up times we recommend, and advise parents to park in the village car park where possible and walk down to school.

Some families will also qualify for free transport to Chawton CE Primary School by School Bus if Chawton is the nearest catchment school, or one that is nearer to your home, and the distance (measured by the nearest available walking route) is:

  • Year R to 3: more than two miles
  • Year 4 to 6: more than three miles (this is reduced to more than two miles if your child meets low income criteria)

Where parents name the designated catchment school as one of their 3 preferences and a place is not available, assistance may be offered to the next closest school, where the walking distance criteria are met according to year group above.

If your child does not qualify for travelling expenses, you may still be able to apply for them to be a 'privilege' passenger on school transport. Privilege places are available if the vehicle is contracted by Hampshire County Council to transport children and there are spare seats, although there is a charge for this service.

Further information, including how to apply, can be found at: