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School Logo

Chawton C.E.

Primary School

'Love, Courage and Fellowship'

School Values, Vision and Ethos

Through our core values of love, courage and fellowship, and using an inter-disciplinary approach to our curriculum, we learn to enquire about ourselves, about others and the world around us.


‘Be kind, never give up and work together.’



Love: Understanding to love ourselves and one another alongside developing a deep-rooted love for learning.




Courage: Perseverance, developing an enquiring mind and learning to take measured risks takes courage as does standing up for what you believe is right.



Fellowship: Through strong fellowship with our community and ensuring everyone’s strengths and unique contributions are valued, we focus on ensuring that all learners are confident and reflective individuals with a strong sense of belonging; preparing to be independent life-long learners.




Our church school is one where we learn to live alongside each other; supporting, nurturing and collaborating with one another. We are a global family of children whereby every child is unique in the eyes of God. We are all loved by God and our core Christian values of Love, Courage and Fellowship, underpin everything we do.