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School Logo

Chawton C.E.

Primary School

'Love, Courage and Fellowship'


There's something fishy going on in Maple class as all their socks has turned into sea creatures!

iRock Assembly

Year 6 SATS Breakfast and Water Fight!

Chance to Shine Cricket by Alton Cricket Club

KS1 Multi Skills Festival at Eggars School

Yew Class reading Mansfield Park at Chawton House amongst the roses

Opening of new School Library

Pancake Races...with a bit of a twist this year. A sprinkle of Zoom and a squeeze of live action!

Tree Planting: February 2021. Some of the trees on the land opposite school had to be felled as they were diseased. New trees have been planted in their place; the Key Stage Two bubble helped. It was a bit cold!

We had a Screen Free Day at Chawton Primary School on Friday 5th February.  The children played board games, did art activities in class and each class went outside to play in the mud and in the stream with their boats they made in class during art activities.  

For Anti-Bullying Week, Yew class have made a paper chain showing love and friendship and empathy glasses (thinking about how other people might feel).

We raised an amazing £150 for Children in Need at Chawton Primary School!!

Oak Class Outdoor learning

Sycamore's Seat Sacks

Oak's first few weeks at Chawton

Forest School Activities with Maple class

Welcome to Yew's Ancient Egyptian tomb

Egyptian Day – Walk like an Egyptian! Yew class had a wonderful Egyptian Day to celebrate the end of their quest topic.

Egyptian Day 2 – The children in Yew class had a fantastic time constructing their own 3D pyramids!

After a long day of learning at school, it's important to relax the mind and body with Yoga and Art in After School Club

Sharing Posters – I am so proud of Yew class for their wonderful Egyptian presentations this afternoon. After becoming experts in a particular field and researching their area, they made posters and presented their findings to the class. The children spoke confidently and enjoyed showing off their hard work and also practised their listening skills. Very well done!

Outdoor Learning – The pupils love learning outdoors! Here are some pictures from this autumn term. The children have been developing their number skill in the great outdoors! They were looking at bar models for addition and subtraction, their times tables and measuring the length of whales!