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Chawton C.E.

Primary School

'Love, Courage and Fellowship'


School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.

Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards.

The role of the governing board is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school. 


What do governors do?

School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. Governors appoint the Headteacher. It is governors who hold the main responsibility for finance in schools, and it is governors who work with the Headteacher to make the tough decisions about balancing resources. 


Each individual governor is a member of a governing board, which is established in law as a corporate body. Individual governors may not act independently of the rest of the governing board; decisions are the joint responsibility of the governing board.  

The role of the governing board is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  • set the aims and objectives for the school
  • set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)

The Full Governing Body meets at least six times a year but Governors also attend subsidiary committee meetings focussed on Resources.

The Resources Committee is responsible for financial matters . It engages in the setting of the annual school budget and reviews it on a regular basis. Staff appointments, appraisal and pay, and the maintenance of all aspects of the school premises also fall within the remit of this group.

Meet The Governors of Chawton Primary School



Mrs Sarah Addison  (Chair)  

Appointed by:  HCC

Date of Appointment:  2020

Term of office: 4 years

Type of Governor:  Local Authority Governor

Roles and Responsibilities:  Chair; Safeguarding

Committee membership:  Resources



Howard Bayliss (Vice-Chair)

I was a parent at the school from 2015 - 2023 and joined the Governing Body in 2017.  I am a chartered accountant and work for myself providing outsourced finance director services to a portfolio of small businesses.  I believe it is important that the Governing Body brings a wide range of skills, experience, and background to its work – ultimately our role is to seek the best outcomes for all the children that attend the school, as a whole.  I have been privileged to see firsthand the enthusiasm and dedication that the Headteacher and staff bring to the school every day, and the effect that has on the children, and I look forward to continuing to support them.


Appointed by: Diocese

Date of appointment:  2018

Term of office:  4 years

Type of Governor:  Foundation Governor

Roles and Responsibilities:  Resources Chair, FGB Vice Chair

Committee membership:  Resources (Chair), Headteacher Performance review (Chair)



Kimberley Hayes


Kimberley Hayes is currently a Staff Governor at Chawton CE Primary School, having recently been appointed as a Learning Support Assistant in September 2023.  

Prior to this role, Kimberley was a Parent Governor and began her term in 2021. Kimberley’s background is in the legal and arts industries, having worked as a Legal Secretary, Paralegal and Stage Manager.


Appointed by:  Parents

Date of appointment:  2021

Term of office:  4 years

Type of Governor:  Parent

Role and Responsibility:  Pay Committee


Joanne Ryan


Joanne holds a Masters’ degree in Special Education and has been a qualified teacher for 30 years. She has worked in both the independent and maintained sector in special, secondary and residential schools as well as working for a large local authority as a senior education officer for SEND. Joanne is familiar with all the safeguarding systems and data handling software and is DSL trained. Her knowledge and experience in this area supports the school’s DSL and DSL Governor. Joanne’s previous experience as a governor was in a specialist, special residential school setting as the Staff Governor before joining Chawton Church of England School as Co-opted Governor in September 2021. Here she supports the Head teacher with strategic education planning for special educational needs, disability and inclusion and has an interest in the teaching and learning of students particularly in the subjects areas of Literacy and English


Appointed by:  GB

Date of appointment:  2021

Term of office:  4 years

Type of Governor:  Co-opted Governor for SEND and English

Committee membership: Pay Committee, Safeguarding

Role and Responsibilities:  SEN


Reverend Lesley Leon


I trained for ministry after a career principally in HR. I was  trained at Sarum College in Salisbury and was ordained priest in 2007 having served my final placement in the Northanger Benefice which includes the Parish of St Nicholas Chawton. I became a Foundation Governor in my early days here and, after serving as Chair of Governors, stepped down for Parish reasons for a couple of years until I returned as Foundation Governor in September 2021. I have loved my contact with the whole school community  both as a Governor and as visiting clergy, leading Collective Worship and school church services etc. It is a privilege to serve the school. l cherish my engagement  with the children and I am always impressed by their enquiring minds which certainly keep me on my toes. It is a joy to witness how much the school values of love, courage and fellowship are lived out in the life of the school at all levels and across all contexts.

I am married with two grown-up daughters. My degree was in English Language and Literature and I have been an avid reader and ‘scribbler’ since childhood.  I have  a pretty eclectic taste in music and I've been told that I'm a bit of a hymn anorak! My major weakness is for coffee and cake in one of the excellent coffee shops hereabouts. 


Appointed by:  Diocese

Date of appointment:  01/09/2021

Term of office ends:  31/08/2025

Type of Governor:  

Committee membership:  Headteacher Performance Review



Nicholas King

I joined as a Parent Governor in 2021 after my children had joined Chawton Church of England Primary school in the September when we moved from London. I am an experienced industry leader within the marketing space, having held management and senior positions in a variety of publisher and technology businesses.


A key focus of my business is awareness of diversity in recruitment, particularly for women in technical roles. It is a clear challenge our industry faces and I would like to see the building blocks of encouraging girls to explore STEM opportunities from the primary school stage.

Over the last four years I have built a marketing and technology consultancy as a co-founder from the ground up. I am now CEO, with a large amount of focus on the financial planning and execution of the business.


I also enjoy working with children and have been coaching the Alton Cricket Club U9s and U11s boys and girl’s teams through the couple of seasons.


Appointed by:  Parents

Date of appointment:  05/11/2021

Term of office ends:  05/11/2025

Type of Governor:  Parent 

Committee membership:  Resources



Rachel Godwin

Appointed by:  Parents

Date of appointment:  /092022

Term of office ends:  /9/2026

Type of Governor:  Parent 

Committee membership:  Pay Committee



Victoria Peterkin


I am a new Parent Governor; my youngest child has recently joined KS1. I am a parent of three (my eldest two were also pupils at Chawton) and have worked for 15 years in Early Years education. As founder and managing director my role is strategic, leading a large team of colleagues to deliver exceptional care and education to the youngest people in our communities. I work closely with Ofsted and Local Authorities as well as Safeguarding and SEND teams across Hampshire. I have oversight of the company's senior leadership team, finance, estates, marketing, HR and recruitment as well as co-ordinating large scale expansion or new site projects. I believe, passionately, that all children should have access to an ambitious and boundless curriculum, with talented and nurturing educators. 


I love the community of Chawton and the history of the school in the village. For a small school it has big ideas, and I very much hope I can be a support and advisor, promote the school's ethos and values, and champion outstanding outcomes for all. 


Appointed by:  Parents

Date of appointment:  16 Sep 2023

Term of office ends:  15/09/2027

Type of Governor:  Parent 

Committee membership:  Resources



John Richardson

I became a Governor at Chawton Church of England Primary School in May 2023. My two youngest boys are pupils within the school. There experience has been excellent to date, and I have watched them grow in confidence. Having volunteered on several occasions it always impressed upon me the character of each child and the values taught and how this shines through in each and every child. I felt it important to be involved in the governance of the school, to play a part in ensuring the best interests of all students and being a part of the continued high standards of education & wellbeing. I currently work for the British Transport Police and have a background in the support of local policing. I have a strong community spirit, and to serve the community. Safeguarding the vulnerable. And the protection of the innocent. Beyond work and school in 2022 I enrolled in Taekwondo and have been as involved as other commitments allow. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control & Indomitable Spirit are the tenants of what is taught, they parallel the values that are the core values of all teaching at Chawton CofE, both sides of which I hold dear and try to encourage in my self in all that I do.


Appointed by:  Parents

Date of appointment:  15 Mar 2023

Term of office ends:  14/03/2027

Type of Governor:  Parent 

Committee membership:  Resources and Pay





Briony Cavell

Clerk to Governors